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Focus Goals


Focus Goals

Personal Life Improvement

When you’re with your family, do you feel something is missing? Could you do better, be better for your closest? You can do and feel better.

Business Success & Fulfillment

Wonder how to improve your productivity without any burnouts and at the same time feel you career goes the right way? Yes, that can be achieved!

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CrossOver Virtual Intensive Development Program

March 26, 2022

Freelionaire Signature Class Unlocks...

Why people in the industrial reality are now shifting to the digital opportunity.

The different types of asset classes that you MUST acquire that will buy you experience, replace your drudgery, and provides you more options to help others.

Some of the best active income replacers in today’s world.

The opportunity to create passive income now, with or without a college degree.

Practical earning strategies that provides you more time and money in preparation for your real priority.

And MUCH more..

Freelionaire Signature Class Unlocks...

How to discover your Gift, Passion, and Purpose.

The strategic planning and problem-solving techniques.

How to map out where you want to go and what you’ll need to get there.

How to set up your plan in motion — so that becoming free is an automatic process.

How to become a better version of you.

Why you want freedom with a purpose.

And MUCH more..

What do people say?

Testimonials from the folks who changed their lives – for better.

“CrossOver Virtual Intensive Development (COVID-PH) was a great and highly recommended training seminar of Freelionaire because of its vision & mission, structure, full of information, life changing and transformation of mindset to the reality that we're facing. In this life course, I have learned how to track my money and put it in the right place, wherein my personal financial management is being fixed and continuously improving by the guidance of my Coaches in the application of what I've learned as I develop my character through the seminar. Setting specific goals, right planning and strategies taught by our Coaches, help me become empowered rather than dependent, especially when I am achieving my goals, slowly and surely with the guidance of the Lord. I’m so excited in every topic given by our Coach because I know that there is something that I need to learn, to know and to do. I would like to highly recommend CrossOver Virtual Intensive Development (COVID-PH) to everyone, because you need this! And you must experience this!”
Jovelyn E.
Public School Teacher
“Worth it to stay attentive in a 14-hour seminar full of wisdom not just in improving financial management but also personal development. The seminar will teach you and guide you to have the right mindset to go from active to passive income. I am very grateful for the formulas and map that they gave to better handle my finances. For me, the price value and equivalent of this training is worth ₱30,000 to ₱50,000.”
Bryan S.
“I was able to see the real score of my finances. It's not about having so much money, it breaks my old principles when it comes to money. It's like when you're going to a battle and it helps you prepare for the fight. What I like about the seminar is having the MAP that serves as my guide in learning more and improving my finances. Crossover Seminar is highly recommended for everyone, and I will tell friends to join the next Crossover. For me, the price value and equivalent of this training is worth ₱30,000.”
Dennis A.
“I would like to thank our exceptional mentors, Coach Don and Coach Claire, for educating us on what and how cryptocurrency works and make it as our source of income. And I'm really grateful for they extend their valuable time giving us wisdom and great knowledge on how to empower our spiritual, mental and moral aspect to attain our goal to be financially free. I am looking forward to meeting them and share valuable inputs in the near future.”
John O.
Cryptocurrency Trader
“Thanks to Freelionaire Team for the learnings and for helping me to be able to dream again and set goals for me to become financially free. I've learned a lot from this Crossover such as how can I identify an active and a passive income, what is the right mindset to be financially free, how and what I should do to achieve my goals. Luckily, we are on the right group and the right mentors to help and guide us. Again, thank you very much Freelionare!”
Jesryl L.
Cryptocurrency Trader
“The CrossOver Virtual Intensive Development experience was really worth it and the knowledge you can get is priceless.”
Jason Ace G.
College Student
“At first, I cannot really decide whether to join or not. Until someone encouraged me, and her persistence made me say okay, I'll do it. I cannot imagine myself in front of my laptop listening, watching, and participating for almost 14 hours. I must say this Crossover helped me realized things and truths about me, my spending habits, and my ego that needs to be unlearn.”
Chester Marie V.
Public School Teacher
"I'm really thankful that I have attended this kind of seminar. This is really good that I was able to change my mindset at a very young age. This seminar helped me grow more and become a better version of myself."
Vera Catherine O.
College Student
“Through the Crossover training, I saw the value of financial education. Before I thought it was just all about income and making money, but now I saw the deeper meaning of this training.”
Melanie A.
Owner, Fish On Wheels
“God's grace, because of this Crossover training I saw the development of my son and the reason behind all the hardcore pieces of training and in your face truth-telling. I saw the value of having a good team and a supportive community. I give all the credit to God, it's all by His grace.”
Elvira C.
Commercial Real Estate Owner
“My experience about Crossover is wonderful. It helped me develop new skills and good business planning.”
Jobert L.
“I learned how to handle my finances and how to calculate my cash flow. For me, the price value and equivalent of this training is PRICELESS. Very worth it!”
Anthony A.
Owner, Fish On Wheels
“For me, the price value and equivalent of this training is PRICELESS. Why? Because I got so much information for a very minimal price.”
Jonel C.
“For me, the price value and equivalent of this training is PRICELESS. I learned so much not only about my finances but also in life.”
Gian Carlo E.
Paint Contractor
“For me, the price value and equivalent of this training is worth ₱30,000.”
Charisse S.
Government Employee
“It exceeds my expectation and learned a lot. Best training I've attended so far. Highly recommended to all young entrepreneurs like me. For me, the price value and equivalent of this training is worth ₱100,000.”
Daniel F.
“I used to think that finishing college will give a lot of edge in making money and the opportunity to earn more. But after I attended the Crossover Seminar, my mindset has changed. Now I understand that I can learn even more from people who's willing to educate even without finishing the formal school and college. One of the takeaways in this seminar is to eagerly level up my financial stage. Be not content having only one income stream and this seminar made me clear about my true purpose in life while pursuing my dreams, not just for myself for others as well, and especially give glory to God in everything I do. For me, the price value and equivalent of this training is worth ₱30,000 to ₱50,000.”
Georgina Claire P.
College Student
“Thanks to Freelionaire Team for teaching us about Crossover. Because of this seminar, I am able to change my mindset because prior to that seminar, I thought I was right but now I knew it! What I'm doing is not enough. I learned a lot also about my personal money management and I'm able to know how to separate my money based on their specific use to become rich, it's all about the MAP. Again, Thanks to Freelionaire.”
Jee Cris N.
Cryptocurrency Trader
“I am very grateful for the seminar because I learned a lot that I can apply while living and I know that it doesn't just end there, because you will really have a Group like family that will help each other to thrive. It is more important for everyone to learn that no one can steal.”
James M.
"This Crossover Seminar is not just a one day event that happens today and tomorrow, all learnings are gone. All learnings and evaluated experiences are being embed in me."
Alicen A.
Sales Representative
"At first, I thought that rat race is just a board game. But because of this Crossover, I learned that Rat Race is a real deal, it's not a joke. All of the things that I learned in this training are truly unavailable in schools, even in the universities. Very very worth it, it's priceless!"
Lorlyn C.
Graphic Artist
“Because of the Crossover Training, I was able to gain my confidence back. Thank you for believing in me, and now I am ready to reach my dream and say yes to every opportunity.”
Kristine G.
Product Distributor
“The Crossover advocacy is so great and it will benefit every Filipino. This type of training should be funded and supported by the government.”
Benjie P.
US Airforce
"Priceless! This seminar and training is so priceless. Because it was so helpful, full of knowledge and wisdom. This training is very detailed compare to the other seminar that I attended."
Kristina Cassandra V.
Online Seller

Don Adriano is a Family Man. He is the Founder and CEO of Freelionaire. Retired US Air Force and a former Operations Manager for 12 years in the field of Engineering and Communications. Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Investor, Author, Communicator, and Mentor. He is also the Founding Chairman and Head Pastor of Body of Christ Fellowship International Ministries, Incorporated. His passion is educating couples and young professionals on personal development and entrepreneurship, helping them discover their life’s potential so they can live a life of significance. His life now is dedicated to serving his Creator by the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God. Don is helping others by sharing the value and true meaning of the Freedom with a Purpose and enjoying the life of fulfillment, sharing his life lessons and evaluated experiences.

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